Titan Eye Plus Review

I needed glasses finally after being able to survive without them for two decades of my life. I didn’t want to go to any optical shop and buy the ordinary frames that are available. If I was going to get glasses it was not going to be the usual geeky ones so that’s when I came to know about Titan Eye plus a chain of store that have world class testing centers and amazing variety in frames. So what is the verdict read on below for it.

titan eye plus

History and Background

Titan Eye Plus is another venture of Titan Industries Ltd. Under Tata which was launched in March 2007. Already famous for Titan Watches and Titan Jewellery this is an eyewear segment that was launched by the Titan industries. Titan Eye Plus idea of eye glasses is not simply to make glasses so that people with poor eyesight can see better but they also aim and work on stylized and contemporary designs so that the eyewear is also very stylish and desirable to wear. Apart from frames for eyeglasses they also provide lenses for the frames, contact lenses for those who don’t like to wear glasses and sunglasses as Titan Eye Plus is heavy on the style quotient the sunglasses are available both from the international brands and their personal brand that is Fastrack.

The Good

1. Availability

The first issue is if the product is available at some place near you. If a shop is 100 miles away from your place it is of no good for you but you don’t need to worry about that as Titan Eye Plus stores are now open at almost all the major cities so availability is not a problem and you can easily find a store near you. Currently they have more then 107 stores across 42 cities so there is a good chance you will find a store near you.

2. Eye Testing Services

The staff available there is highly professional and helpful which makes it easier to choose the right thing for you, especially the best thing about these stores is that eye testing is of the highest caliber apart from normal eye testing there are also tests done for color blindness and pattern related testing before your number is assigned. So in eye testing they get flawless marks and is one of the big reasons why you should buy from there.

3. The Style Quotient

The variety of designs and different styles is very impressive at Titan Eye Plus, you are spoiled for choice as there are hundreds of styles to choose from depending on what you might find good and what the latest style trends are. There is also a style consultant available who you can turn to advice in order to choose a frame and he will show and guide you about frames according to your face and look depending on what suits best on you which makes going there to buy a frame even more attractive.

4. Durability

Titan Eye Plus offer scratch resistant lenses and from using them and taking opinion of other buyers it is agreed that they are really good. Testing confirms they are really scratch resistant. Also the frames are made of good material and don’t break that easily.

The Bad

1. The Price

The only real issue with Titan Eye Plus is that the prices are a little bit on the expensive side. As it is obvious with the kind of service and products that they give you will find the lowest glasses in the range of Rs. 1200 or above and if you are looking for everything to be according to your requirement you will be spending around Rs. 2500 at an average. Though that is a little expensive if you are concerned about style and looks Titan Eye Plus has the perfect eye wear for you.


So the final verdict if you can afford the glasses and are looking for accurate eye testing and frames with great design and long term durability Titan Eye Plus is the one for you and you should find the nearest store and visit it for your optical needs.

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