Modular Robotics: Build Robots

Modular Robotics is a startup company which is based in Boulder, Colorado. The company showcased its kit for robot construction at CES 2012 and the crowd at the company’s booth showed that people do have interest in robots.

The robot builder kit consists of powerful cubes which can be assembled together to build toy robots. The company has christened the cubes as Cubelets. The kit has Cubletes of different colors which have different functions.

Modular Robots Cubelets

Modular Robotics Colored Cubelets

For instance, the black ones are sensor Cubelets. The colorful ones are the Cubelets which can “think”. By thinking it means that the Cubelets react to sensors. The robot that you build can be controlled by hand gestures.

cubelets modular robotics

modular robotics cubelets

To begin with, you can keep things simple and then keep adding different blocks and define different functions to them. Taking your hands close to the robot can make it drive and you can build a block which will know when to stop so that it never falls off the edge of the table. You may just want to build up a robot which will chase things! Well, that’s fun right?

modular robotics 6 cubelets $160

modular robotics cubelets packs

Please note that international shipping is done but the prices are to be paid in US dollars. The current price set by the company for 6 Cubelets is $160.00.

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