Kent RO Water Purifier Review

Kent started its business in India after its establishment in 1995. Kent RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier system is known in India for several reasons. It is one of the very first reverse osmosis water purifier systems introduced in the country.It is growing in popularity because of its unique features and price.


Different models of this product are KENT Grand, KENT Pearl, KENT Excel, KENT Pride, KENT Wonder, KENT Elite, KENT Elite – I, KENT Elite – II

Kent Ro SystemsSpecifications:

Specifications differ with respect to models. Product specifications for most of the models of Kent RO reverse osmosis water purifier are:

It has a purification Capacity of 15 liters/hour at maximum. Storage Tank Capacity is 7 liters hydrostatic tank . Filter Cartridges are Sediment, Activated Carbon, Carbon Block, and Post-Carbon. Input Voltage is 160 – 300V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz. Operating Voltage is 24V DC, which is not much, as compared to many other devices. Net Weight is just 10.7 kg.

Kent Elite- II is the latest and most advanced model of this water purifier system. It has following specifications:

It has a purification capacity 50 liters/ hour, which makes it a very fast working water purifier. Duty cycle is 250 liters/day. Storage tank capacity is optional. Filter Cartridges are Sediment, Activated carbon, and Carbon block. Input voltage is 24 Volts DC. Dimensions are L450, W260, and H870 (mm). Net weight is 27.500 kg, which makes it a little heavy but still its benefits outweigh its drawback. Standard Warranty of 1 year is on Parts & Labor, 1 year on RO Membrane, and of 6 months on Filter Cartridges.

The Good:

Designs of all the models of Kent RO water purifier system are very attractive. Quality of purified water is according to the international standards. Its installation is quite easy.

Price List:

The price of Kent RO water purifier ranges from INR 14,000 to INR 48,000, depending upon the model.

KENT Grand+ Rs. 14,290

KENT Pearl Rs. 16,900

KENT Excel+ Rs. 15,000

KENT Pride Rs. 13,500

KENT Wonder Rs. 14,100

KENT Elite – I+ Rs. 25,000

KENT Elite – II Rs. 47,500

Customer care & service center:

Kent ensures good customer care to its consumers. Service centers are present all over the country with head office located in Noida. Complaints can be made via internet, on the company website, which are entertained rapidly.

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