Top 3 Multi-Room Audio Systems In India

India is full of music lovers and they all love to listen to great music with great sound quality. When it comes to music, people hardly like to compromise the quality of sound except for those who cannot afford. However, those who can afford, always look for systems which will provide best in class audio experience. [Continue reading]

Best 5 Sennheiser Headphones


Sennheiser headphones have become popular all around the globe because of their fabulous sound quality. Because of their outstanding clarity, the Sennheiser headphones allow people to enjoy their music to best. … [Continue reading]

How to Host Your Website on Amazon S3


Websites have become a medium of large scale and small scale businesses. As a result, the web hosting services have boomed in the past few years. The Amazon S3 is one such service with a slightly different method of operation. … [Continue reading]

Samsung Star Duos


A dual SIM phone with good connectivity options and a 5 MP camera – there is a lot that the Samsung Star Duos delivers but again, is it trying to beat up the other dual SIM phones? When it comes to India, there are properties and features of the … [Continue reading]

Samsung Wave 533


Waves of Bada OS seem to be penetrating the market with Samsung Wave series phones. However, the question is, "how far will Samsung's own mobile OS go?" To find out the answer, we have to wait a little longer but the Samsung Wave 533 seems to perform … [Continue reading]

Samsung Omnia Pro B7320


The Omina lines of phones from Samsung are all designed to meet the business needs of people. The Samsung Omina Pro B7320 delivers the same. With support for both 2G and 3G networks, the phone has some promising hardware and software specifications. … [Continue reading]

Samsung Metro 3200


  Samsung Metro 3200 aka Samsung Monte C3200 is a basic bar phone with no 3G support. This phone has been manufactured by keeping music lovers in mind and it comes with DNSe technology which provides a natural surround sound affect. The phone … [Continue reading]

Samsung Guru 3G C5010


  Samsung Guru 3G C5010 also known as Samsung C5010 Squash is a low budget 3G phone. With a nice battery backup and decent number of applications at its price range, the Guru 3G is kind of a must have phone for those who are looking for high … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7


After introducing the Super AMOLED screen to the mobile industry, Samsung stepped into the slate market with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. The tab is an example of how fast the mobile industry moved in past few years and with its amazing … [Continue reading]

Computer And Mobile Spy Software To Catch Cheating Spouses


The problem of infidelity has increased many-folds. This problem can be associated to some extent by the lifestyle and inability of one partner to bring out time for the other. It cannot be denied that the overall problem also includes habitual … [Continue reading]